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Urban Dynamics Institute
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Urban Dynamics Institute (UDI)

Urban Dynamics Institute has been serving the Waterbury, Connecticut area as a non-profit institution for over 100 years. Originally founded as The Pearl Street Neighborhood House, the agency's name was changed to Urban Dynamics Institute in the mid-1990s. Although originally a provider of community recreational services, UDI has expanded into offering other community outreach programs, including an African-American Scholarship, Affordable Housing Program, and Safe Streets Initiative. Our mission is to foster a strong sense of community between socially, economically and ethnically diverse groups in the Waterbury area.

Hubie Williamson, President UDI Board of Directors with agency supporter, James Gatison

Board of Directors

UDI is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors whose volunteer members include: President, Hubie Williamson; Kofi-Buaku Atsina; Joseph Ballenger; Iona Black; Bryan Heron; Barbara Morton; Shirley Nwachukwu; and Ozzie Phillips. Barbara DeBaptiste serves as honorary emerita founder and board adviser.

UDI also wishes to thank Michael Maupin, President of the Mautiste Investment Group, as a long-time contributor to UDI and advisor to the UDI Impact Housing program.

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