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Education Initiatives

Urban Dynamics Institute help found the Waterbury Communities of Color (WCOC) to duplicate the Communities of Color Initiative serving the poor black and Hispanic communities of color in greater New Haven, Connecticut.

WCOC School Action Plan

The WCOC began working with the Waterbury Department of Education to help reduce the high rate of tardiness, absenteeism and dropout rates among students within the Waterbury school system. Our goal is to get parents, students and school administration involved in a citywide effort to increase attendance at school. One method we are using to spread the word about the importance of staying in school is to provide introductory remarks at the beginning of recreational programs that are currently serving poor and low-income communities of color. The WCOC is also planning to use monthly forums to educate, enlighten and inform communities of color about their efforts to create a better life for the people who live in the communities it serves.

Parents and students will play a vital role in addressing high absenteeism, tardiness and dropout rates. Parents can participate as members of the “School Action Plan,” designed to raise, debate and address important questions with the school board, community leaders and general public. UDI and the WCOC are striving to make poor communities a safe place to live, work and raise children.

UDI is pleased to be part of this effort and lists it as a strong reason for retiring its popular basketball program, in favor of providing a greater service to communities in need.

UDI is also working on an initiative to discontinue the celebration of Black History Month as part of the educational experience, in favor of such a service being providing by organizations, parents and students. We would also like to see the curriculum incorporated into social studies or American History classes, which done properly would include the contributions of all ethnic groups.

Hubie Williamson Scholarship Fund

In a continuing effort to provide broad support for the community, Urban Dynamics Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Hubie Williamson Scholarship to promote higher education.

This scholarship is designed for applicants graduating from one of Waterbury's six public high schools who wish to attend an Historically Black College or University. For many years, black colleges and universities provided the only opportunity for formal education for African Americans. By supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we can continue the rich heritage of our forefathers, and support the growth and rebirth of these institutions in their pursuit to provide quality education to thousands of African Americans yet to attend.

UDI Scholarship Fund Fact Sheet