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Finding affordable, quality healthcare is an important issue within our community. As the national debate continues, UDI is focused on assisting those in our community dealing with healthcare issues by providing easily accessible information on related topics.

Community Wellness Program

The UDI Community Wellness Program is designed to provide pertinent health-related information for individuals, families and children who live in poor and low-income neighborhoods in Waterbury, Connecticut. The health of people of color who live in poor and low-income communities is often worse than the health of people of other races. People who live in poor communities are more likely to get sick because of poor health service than if they lived in affluent communities where health service is likely better.

We believe that people from poor and low-income communities of color must make healthcare an important issue confronting their community. People of color have less access to quality healthcare than other residents in Waterbury and are more likely to be overweight, have asthma, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease. The effects of this are far-reaching; when the children of poor communities experience these healthcare disparities, they are more prone to absenteeism in school.

The quest now is for people of color to marshal their efforts to enlighten their communities, families and children to begin addressing these disparities in earnest in schools, places of employment, and the community. The UDI Community Wellness Program will provide information, trends, and community forums to point the community to needed services. We want to shine the light on healthcare disparities, and suggest an approach to remedy the problem.

Stay-tuned to the UDI website for information about the status of healthcare in the Waterbury area and upcoming wellness initiatives offered through our Community Wellness Program.